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Caveat: All beekeeping is local. These chores are Midlands South Carolina or similar climate specific where the bees are flying a least a few hours most days of the year. Even then, I do not recommend opening the hive deeply during the winter months. A brief peek inside, looking downward through the frames, is okay on days the bees are flying.
1) Check honey supply and feed candy board or thick sugar syrup if necessary.
2) Continue to clean, repair, paint, and construct equipment. Clean up and repair any deadouts.
3) Eagerly look for start of Red Maple by monitoring sides of Interstates.
All month:
◾Population starts increasing as you continue feeding and especially if using artificial pollen. Population will rapidly accelerate when Red Maple blooms.
◾Check for honey stores, feed thick sugar water if below one-half super.
◾Check for pollen stores and pollen coming in, if none, consider pollen substitute.
◾Check for excessive moisture on underside of telescoping cover.
◾If dwindling or queenless combine bees with another colony
◾Assemble equipment for coming season.
◾Consider building a nuc hive or a portable hive for swarm captures.
◾Read a good beekeeping book.
◾Register for a spring conference or other beekeeping education.
◾Attend local meetings.