As you can see above, there are five different products I make when I clean up my hive frames.

First, the ice cube tray is the collection of the dirty wax that are now formed up for firestarters we sell wrapped in cute ways for people who have wood stoves and want an easy storable firestarter.  Remember, wax burns!!  Second, is rendered wax we use and sell.  This pile to the left will be melted down into blocks.  Third, are the paper towels that were used in the oven to render the wax.  This now becomes another form of firestarter that we also sell for survivalists who go into the back woods to camp.  It stores very small in a pouch.  Fourth, is honey that was extracted when I separated the wax.  I did not show that step but inside my wax clean up jug was this honey and the wax around it was what I rendered out.  Amazing right?  Honey does not spoil if stored in a dry place.  And, this honey has been incased in the wax from this falls harvest and thus is as pure as it can get.  And, of course, the fifth product here is the calendula salve made from our own organic calendula, organic olive oil and our own organic bees wax.

How is that for a productive value added SET of products.

This is the wonder of nature and being resourceful.

Source: The Five Value Added Products I Make When I Clean Up Our Bee Hive Frames