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I always knew bees pooped but have really only researchedphotos of unhealthy bee poop – you know, the stuff you keep your eyes out for during hive inspections. I also was very aware they tend to defecateoutside the hive on their “cleansing flights”, but it wasn’t until I left my bees in an observation hive for a full day and a half before letting them out that I realized how seriously they take this colony rule.

Let me start by disclosingthat the bees had plenty of air, food, and were covered up so they weren’t in the light – I’m not a monster.

I had packed up a recently split hive since they were small and I could fit almost all the bees into the small observation hive. When it was time to put them back in their nuc, I decided to sit down and slowly movethe bees and enjoy…

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