Pieter Brueghel the ElderChristian Vöhringer – Pieter Bruegel. 1525/30-1569 A 1568 painting depicting beekeepers in protective clothing

Having had great success with recipe Saturdays, I’ve decided to add Vocabulary Sundays. Short and sweet vocabulary building for beekeepers and those interested in learning more before taking the leap.


Today’s word is: Jacket

A beekeeper’s jacket is one component of personal protective equipment designed to protect the beekeeper from stings. As the picture above shows, early jackets were most likely of heavy cloth, loosely fitting, with masks made of woven straw. Today’s jackets are still loosely fitting to distance the beekeeper from the stinger but are lightweight with thin mesh veils, zippers, and ventilated cloth. Today’s jackets can be purchased for as little as $10 USD or as much as $150 USD depending on the quality and source.