How many of us learned in grade school the phrase: “A pint is a pound the world around.”

This, unfortunately, is simply not true.

Note that a pint is 16 ounces of volume, while a pound is 16 ounces of weight.

If you’re measuring water the number of ounces in volume is similar to the number of ounces in weight. This may be where the phrase comes from. But it isn’t true for most other substances. Ex. a pint of gold would not be one pound.

In beekeeping a pint of honey is not a pound. Depending on the density (thickness) of the honey, a pint (volume) of honey actually will weigh approximately 22oz. (One pound, 6 ounces).

Exactly why is this important? Because, at least here in the US honey is typically sold by weight rather than volume. So, if you purchase a pint jar filled with honey it will say 1lb.6oz.  If you purchase a 1 pound jar the jar will read 16 ounces but by volume you will be purchasing approximately 12 ounces.