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SassafrasBeeFarm: Beautiful pictures accompany this blog post titled: “Honey and Keeping Bees in Slovenia.” Take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate the painted beehives and craftsmanship found here by following the link below.

Honey and Keeping Bees in SloveniaWhen I first saw the traditional beehives that beekeepers in Slovenia use to house their bees, I was in awe.

In most places around the world, beehives are kept in wooden boxes, which open from the top.

In some places they paint the wooden boxes in bright colors, to attract the bees.

In Slovenia, a traditional beehive is built like a beautiful cabinet, with many drawers and with a roof, to keep it dry.

The bees create their colonies inside those cabinet drawers, and the fronts of the drawers are elaborately painted with either religious scenes, or scenes from daily life.

The beautiful naive paintings were usually done by professional or semi professional artists, but some also served as church painters, while others were entirely self-taught.

The paintings were done to identify the owners of the beehives, and to bless the production of honey.

View much more of this beautiful artwork here:  Honey and Keeping Bees in Slovenia — Tali Landsman