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Comb management is an important aspect of beekeeping, but comb management has not always been a management strategy of beekeepers. Rather, comb management is a fairly new concept. Beekeepers started managing comb with the invention of the Langstroth hive in the 1850’s. Today, comb management is a common practice for beekeepers, and an aspect of beekeeping beekeepers must be cognizant of. Because of the importance of comb management, I am writing 4-part blog-series on the subject. The blog-series is split into 4 parts:

  1. History of comb management
  2. Management strategies of foundation
  3. Cell size: why so much variation between producers?
  4. Benefits of replacing old comb


Read full article with more detailed pictures here:  Comb Management: Part 1 — Bee Informed Partnership

Part Two will be posted tomorrow.