An interesting article on beekeeping in an earlier era. Especially a Mr. Abraham Graffis II, beekeeper of Rushcreek Twp.

Diary of a Rural Ohio Nomad

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, this sepia portrait could easily provide enough material to compose a thesis on the craft of beekeeping circa 1880.  Represented within this tangible reminder of the not so distant past, are perhaps three generations of a rural family, standing as if at attention, beneath a canopy of shaded woods, awaiting the flash of an antiquated camera. It’s subjects lack the formal conventions of the Victorian they chose to be depicted in practical attire in lieu of their Sunday best, they appear natural and not stiffly posed before an elaborate backdrop or within a tastefully decorated parlor, but in a natural setting. This historical photo not only has the ability to transport us into a nineteenth century apiary, but it reflects the value that the family placed on beekeeping and their farm. Given the price of a photographer, we can surmise…

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