Every year many people send me pictures or videos of their bees with the question, “Are my bees swarming.” Most of the time they are simply bearding due to heat and/or congestion. This post by a-single-serving.com has an excellent video of a swarm issuing from a hive. Warning: It’s quite exciting! 🙂

Yesterday (28 March) it was finally warm enough for me to do a hive inspection at the same time that I could take off work. So I inspected Hive A (affectionately knows as Dave’s Bees). The population was very heavy, there was brood in the deep, and in two medium supers.  I didn’t see much nectar in the hive, but there was pollen.  Unfortunately, the girls got really PO’d part way through and I had to let them calm down. I think that was partly nectar dearth and the fact that it was cloudy and fairly windy. So that inspection was not one where I pulled every single frame. But I didn’t see swarm or superscedure cells, but I did add another medium super to give them some more room.


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