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Last year I received a telephone call from a man wanting bees. I assumed he meant a package or nucleus hive. His broken English made communication a challenge but eventually I understood he wanted the bees for apitherapy use.

I told him I had never provided bees for apitherapy. I had read about it and understood the reasons why people utilize stinging but had no personal experience. We decided to meet and discuss the matter as he wanted some honey as well. Seeing this man and talking to him convinced me to help him. He appeared to have a rheumatoid arthritis such that even walking was difficult. In conversation he told me he was currently unable to work. He also related that he had used the bees in his home country successfully and that the improvement was very real.

I decided to give him the bees needed. There was some prep time in constructing an appropriate bee box for his use. After a single “round” of treatments he was driving to meet me, instead of his wife, and soon had his work equipment loaded in his small truck.

I haven’t heard from him yet this year, but am eagerly looking forward to setting him up with a small hive of his own this year as we planned.

Update: I have heard from my apitherapy friend via phone call. He tells me he is in some sort of remission and doing well. He thanked me for helping him during his hour of need and promises to stay in touch.

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